Workshops, Discussion Groups, Corporate Events

Ned is available to visit with you and your community of friends, discussion or church group, college classroom, corporate retreat, or bookstore to lead conversations or workshops for a single session or a day.

He customizes the presentation for your organization’s specific current interests. A discussion could be planned to include a collage of some of the following topics:

  • Religion and Spirituality

  • Transformation: Challenge and Blessing 

  • Clarification of Personal Ideals & Values

  • Spiritual and Psychological Growth

  • Spirituality and Eldering

  • The Vision of Union: love and compassion

  • Parenting; teaching self-esteem & competence

  • Character formation & practice

  • Marriage: mutual growth & and transparency

  • Inner Peace: beyond shame and grief

  • Spirituality & Recovery

Workshops, Book signings, Corporate events  

To discuss and arrange a visit to your organization by Ned:

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