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"A powerful piece of writing. Ned Bellamy’s honesty, openness, and erudition make reading this a valuable experience for anyone desirous of finding an answer to that old chestnut: Is this all there is?"   Peter Peart

"I find Ned Bellamy’s easy approach to a usually dense topic particularly inviting. This is an excellent source book for personal growth. As a counselor, I will recommend it as a workbook for individual exploration and group discussion".   Michael Whalen

"Bellamy tells stories with pointed clarity, humility, and refreshingly bold humor. I find this book remarkable; and as practical as it is engaging. It’s not preachy or promissory (as in do these five things and you will have a great life). I found myself reflecting on my own values and principles 
that matter most to me."   Barbara Beizer

"With deep respect for the ways of our most familiar religions, Bellamy proposes an integration of perennial wisdom with a contemporary approach that is practical and down-to-earth. Seekers with an independent spirit are likely to experience this enlightening book as a useful road map toward a more fulfilling life, based upon the embodiment of our most cherished principles.   Rebecca Blanco

"Bellamy’s life experiences add credibility and humor to the process of clarifying one’s most important personal values. I highly recommend it for Book Clubs to read and discuss".   Marilyn McVay

"A scholarly work by a thoughtful spiritual seeker. His insights on parenting were particularly helpful to me as a grandparent".   David Jones

"Mr. Bellamy’s book is personal enough to create a compelling narrative and sufficiently general to apply to the reader’s unique situation. He has a penetrating ability to communicate a matrix of values that make real-life sense".   Ernie Williams

"Written with clarity and persuasion, the book is a treasure chest of insights and epiphanies".   Michael K. Dugan

"Discussing values instead of beliefs has been an eye opener. The author’s ability to organize one’s own values into a coherent structure has been especially helpful in making sense of my own path".   Jill Biebel

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