Ideals & Values    (Part 2)  

The Ideal of Peace

Ultimately, peace in the world rests upon our inner peace. The value of equanimity is practiced through accepting life as it is, and accepting ourselves as we are.
We can learn to develop the values of satisfaction with our present life and the value of trust in our future.  Our interior life requires that we value the psychological process of healing our anxiety, shame, and grief. 

The Ideal of Love (in our Families)

Neither Jesus nor the Buddha spoke of our families as spiritual crucibles. But no task is more important and decisive for the happiness of others than our work as partners and parents. We discuss the need for both partners to practice spiritual values like self-forgetfulness, constancy, mediation, magnanimity, blessing, forgiveness, renewal, intimacy, and transparency. 

When raising our children, another set of spiritual values and principles are called for, including the values of balance, generativity, teaching, and sharing the gifts of encouragement, self-esteem, self-confidence, and competence. 
Inner Peace - Love - Family - Compassion 
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